Maintaining Your Lenses and Summit Ski Goggles
Taking care of your Summit Ski Goggles is essential to ensure longevity of their life. Looking after your ski goggles can mean the difference between a good day, or a bad day on the slopes. If your ski goggles have forged up in the past, there is a few things you can do to prevent this happening again.

All Summit ski goggles are supplied with a micro-fibre bag and hard zipped travel case.  Always ensure your Summit ski goggles are kept within the micro-fibre bag when not in use, this includes at lunch when up the mountains… avoid leaving them on your ski helmet. When travelling to resort, your ski goggles should be transported in their hard zipped goggle case.
Store your ski goggles at room temperature, not in the car overnight.
If your ski goggles are left in the car overnight, any sweat or moisture within them may cause them to freeze, which may cause fogging the next day.

Only clean your Summit ski goggles with the micro-fibre pouch that was supplied with them. If the pouch has become soiled, only use a very soft cloth as a replacement.
Cleaning your ski goggles with paper towels, your sweatshirt, gloves, or blanket may cause small scratches due to their abrasive properties.
If possible, do not clean the inside of your ski goggle lenses.
The inside of your ski goggle lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating, by wiping the inside of the lens you’re potentially removing that coating and that may lead to fogging.
Your Summit ski goggles are arguably the most important piece of equipment on your back pack, love them and they will love you back!

Summit are the UK’s specialist in Frameless and Magnetic Lens change ski goggles! Below you’ll find a brief overview of each goggle to help direct you.

XPOSE II – Magnetic Ski Goggles
The Summit Xpose II Ski Goggles possess the fastest lens change system in the world, with an eight point quick release magnetic lens change system, you can switch over to your low light lens instantly.
With Italian hand crafted spherical lenses and fully loaded with UV400 protection and our premium anti-fog coating as standard, the Summit Xpose II ski goggles deliver crystal clear vision and ultimate clarity on the mountain. Now available with a Polarised option!

XPOSE II s – Magnetic Ski Goggles
We realised that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, that’s why we created the Summit Xpose II s Ski Goggle.
Smaller in size, yet still packing all of the features found in our Xpose II goggle, Xpose II s is the perfect fit for ladies, girls or guys with slightly smaller faces.

Evolve – Magnetic & Frameless Ski Goggles
Released in 2014, The Summit Evolve ski goggles are still a firm favourite amongst the ski & snowboard community.
Evolve has a frameless design and a 10 point magnetic lens change system, that ensures ultimate peripheral vision and super fast lens change capabilities.

Xpose I – Frameless Ski Goggles
The Summit Xpose I ski goggles have been designed with an ultra light, low profile frame that wraps close to your face and provides you with superior panoramic views.
It features armoured venting, anti-fog coating and a triple layer micro-fleece lined foam which provides luxury all day comfort.
On top of this we’ve also added a thick silicon stitched, double adjustable head strap which ensures the goggles stay fixed firmly into position.

Infiniti – Framed Ski Goggles
The Summit Infiniti ski goggles have been designed with durability in mind. An oversized goggle that offers incredible peripheral vision, partnered with an adjustable strap, triple layer face foam and category 3 bright light lens.

Summit Mirage – Childs Ski Goggles
The Summit Mirage ski goggles have the young rider and budget conscious in mind. With a fixed double poly-carbonate spherical lens, triple layer face foam and an adjustable strap, Mirage is guaranteed to provide all day comfort.